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What is CvsChangeLogBuilder

CVSChangeLogBuilder is a Perl utility to generate ChangeLogs or CVS reports for a project hosted on a CVS server. The main goal is to provide a better output than the 'cvs log' command, to build sorted text only or graphical html reports. Available outputs provides among standard informations, the status of the change (added,changed,removed), allows easy "differential" changelogs, between 2 versions, even when they are not in the main branch, are friendly to read. Text outputs can be grouped by different criterias (by date, by file, by log, by author).
So you can, for example, know which files were modified between two old versions to prepare a light diff package for an old customer, you can see what was done on current development version, sorted by date, to know what happened during your 5 days holidays, you can build a changelog ready to be included in your rpm %changelog section with correct format, see how many commits were done on a particular file with no need to scan the 'cvs rlog' output, etc...
CVSChangeLogBuilder is also an easy to use command line interface (Perl tool).
CVSChangeLogBuilder offer 5 kinds of output:
* buildhtmlreport To build an HTML report of a CVS project activity.
* listdeltaforrpm To build a changelog to include in a rpm .spec file.
* listdeltabydate To build a changelog by date (looks near 'cvs log').
* listdeltabyfile To build a changelog by file.
* listdeltabylog To build a changelog by change comment.


* Can works remotely (whatever is the cvs mode connection mode, sshed or not).
* Report informations like the 'file','date','developer','log comment' and status: 'added/changed/removed'
* Can build "differential" changelogs (between two versions).
* Can buil 'ready for rpm' changelogs.
* Can build static graphical HTML activity reports.
* Several grouping, sorting output that generates 5 kinds of report:

buildhtmlreport: This is an output to build a static report in an HTML page.

See demo here

listdeltabyfiles: This output format is usefull to know which files are or were modified and reason. This is a sample of output:
Changes for myproject since MYPROJECT_5_5_RELEASE
 built by cvschangelogbuilder 1.0 (build 1.7) with option listdeltabyfiles.
        * 1.56 (changed)   2003-09-27 15:10:14  developer1
                Updated documentation
        * 1.1 (removed)    2001-12-09 20:05:57  eldy
                no message
        * 1.14 (changed)   2003-09-29 14:53:15  eldy
                Bug 123456 fixed.
        * 1.15 (changed)   2003-10-30 08:58:27  developer1
                Added feature 987654.
        * 1.16 (changed)   2003-11-07 16:07:17  eldy
                Bug 123457 fixed.
listdeltabydate: This is a view like the 'cvs rlog' command but with the 'changed/added/removed' information added. Also, all changes on a file with same 'log comment' are grouped. This is a sample of such output:
Changes for myproject between MYPROJECT_5_5_RELEASE and MYPROJECT_5_6_BETA
 built by cvschangelogbuilder 1.0 (build 1.7) with option listdeltabylog.

2003-11-07 eldy
        * wwwroot/file1.html 1.634 (changed):
        * wwwroot/file1.html 1.635 (changed):
                Change for XML output with FireBird.
        * tools/file.c 1.16 (changed):
                Fixed bug 12345.

2003-11-04 eldy
        * wwwroot/file2.html 1.237 (changed):
        * wwwroot/filenew.html 1.1 (added):
                Updated documentation.
listdeltabylog: This is a very good output to list all new features that were developped between two versions and to know if a features doesn't work anymore, wich files were modified about it. This is sample of such output:
Changes for myproject between MYPROJECT_5_5_RELEASE and MYPROJECT_5_6_BETA
 built by cvschangelogbuilder 1.0 (build 1.7) with option listdeltabydate.

Added a confirm popup in menu.

        * 2003-09-28 09:02:26 eldy       project/c/file1.c 1.617 (changed)
        * 2003-09-28 09:56:25 eldy       project/c/file2.c 1.12 (added)

Reduce unused code size.

        * 2003-01-29 15:39:53 developer1 project/include/file2.h 1.7 (removed)

Added plugin feature.

        * 2003-09-27 17:24:12 eldy       project/c/plugin.c 1.1 (added)
        * 2003-09-29 17:14:27 eldy       project/c/main.c 1.619 (changed)
        * 2003-09-29 17:04:01 eldy       project/c/main.c 1.618 (changed)
listdeltaforrpm: This is an output for any 'rpm %changelog' section. You can directly copy and paste the output in the %changelog section of your rpm .spec file. This is a sample of such output:
Changes for myproject between MYPROJECT_5_5_RELEASE and MYPROJECT_5_6_BETA
 built by cvschangelogbuilder 1.0 (build 1.7) with option listdeltaforrpm.

* Fri Aug 15 2003 developer1
	- Updated documentation.
* Thu Aug 14 2003 eldy
	- Fix bug number 12345.
* Mon Aug  4 2003 developer1
	- Updated language files.

To use cvschangelogbuilder, you need the following requirements:
* A project hosted on a CVS server.
* A Perl interpreter and a command line cvs client (eventually ssh).


Last stable Last stable version is 2.5 - 2010-08-20 23:17
See ChangeLog to know what's new.
See Features for current features.
Older release versions are 2.4 - 2008-06-17
2.3 - 2006-12-23
2.2 - 2006-07-02
1.0 - 2004-05-22 (first version)

Documentation / FAQ

To know how to use cvschangelogbuilder, just run the script from command line with no parameter...
If you need help
- The first thing you have to do to solve a technical problem is to upgrade cvschangelogbuilder to last release version.
- Then you should read all the cvschangelogbuilder F.A.Q..
- If you still have your problem, you can submit a request to the cvschangelogbuilder support service (answer not guaranted).

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