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This is a list of all CVSChangeLogBuilder supporters that made a donation to help me to maintain and enhance CVSChangeLogBuilder.
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This page is here to thanks all of them and provide a link to their site.
Note that every supporter is not reported here, because, only thoose who ask it, are visible.
If you are an CVSChangeLogBuilder supporter (for a recent or old donation) and if you want to appear here, just send me a mail at to provide me following informations:
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- The project you support by this donation (AWStats, AWBot, CVSChangelogBuilder)
The only requirement is that you made a donation via Paypal (at least 50 euros or dollars).
Then go on this "supporter page" of project, 10 days later to see if your link has been added. If not send me another mail (I may be on holidays or simply busy so please be patient until I process my CVSChangeLogBuilder email box...)
So thanks again to all of you... (after several years working on OpenSource softwares, your support is my main booster)...
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